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    Extravagansa and Misuse of Educational Benefit Fund ?

    There is a report of misuse and spending indiscreetly of the Central Fund for improvements in educational funds. This fund is given under the universal education facility thorough out the country and the center is giving funds for the improving the quality of the text books and making available of the books well in time and improving the teachers caliber.

    The crores of Rupees being received from the center. The program is being implemented through the institutions controlled by the LDF teaching staff organisations. The funds are to be used mainly in 2 facilities.

    One of the two areas for which funds are given, is the printing of books. There is a provision to improve the quality of printing and the paper used for the books. The printing is reported to have been entrusted to even press without any proper name itself. The quality of paper used is substandard. There is a provision to print special books to be supplied during the vacations for their work in extra curricular activities. These books are to made available at the start of the vacation. But the books are being made available at the commencement of the new school year. This makes the books wasteful. The quality is same as the text books, below standard.

    The department concerned is supposed to print also small booklets on Eco awareness, benefits of planting of trees etc. these funds re reported to be diverted to other unauthorized expenses personally gainful to the concerned individuals.

    Another area is to give training to teachers. For this the fund given is at the rate of Rs 200/- per teacher undergoing training for the improvements of facilities in the training centers so that they become more effective and less drab. This funds are used to send persons on deputation to other states and even one person was reported to have been sent to Gulf. The fund is utilized to buy vehicles.

    It is not only misuse/abuse, extravaganza but also corruption.In Malayalam there is a say " Chakkara Kudathil Kayyittal Nakkum' (those who put hand in the sugar pot will lick it). The leftists ho shout others corruption do not see their own actions. It is like the cat closing its eyes while drinking the milk.

    It is not that leftists should not indulge in abuse or corruption, but others can do it. Their name is taken as they posed the UDF as the center of corruption implying others as virtuous. It should not be done by any body whether it is UPA, NDA, THE LOCAL Parties or any body. Those involved should be punished and steps should be taken to prevent it.
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    I've read the book and really enjoyed Google it.

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