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    Treating the senior members of the family

    A report shows that the majority of the seniors, who are above sixty, are ill-treated by their kith and kin. In a survey conducted by 'Helpage India' it is seen that about 44% of the sons are not caring or even not treating well their parents. Daughters/sons in-law are doing this ill-treatment in about 63%.

    In the centre of New Delhi almost hundred percent are suffering from this ill-treatment. But parents, on their side are seen not complaining. More than 98% have not made any complaint about this.

    Though there are laws for protecting the needs and rights of senior citizens, what is happening in the reality is clear from these facts.
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    It is pitiable that the senior citizens are unwanted citizens to all. The real time for any one to get help is the infancy and the old age. Infants have not much problem as they get all affections of all in the family. The seniors are not really wanted by any body.

    There are several reasons for this condition. Earlier the family used to consist of grandparents, in some cases even grand parents, parents and children. Sometimes there will be uncles and their families also. The time changed and with time the circumstances and social set up also changed.

    Nowadays family means parents and children only. Even that only up to educations mostly. In many cases even the education may be outside and the family will consist of parents and one or 2 child/children.After education the children have to go for jobs. Invariably it is outside not only of the place of parents in most cases it may be a far away foreign country. That is the condition within the close family itself. Then we can imagine what happens when the children get married.

    Another point is that in the earlier days the life span used to be short. People used to go away from this world before or around the retirement time. Now thanks to the medical facility improvements, the longevity is increased and the senior citizen are increasing in numbers.

    Through out the country in every cities and towns we can come across many senior citizen homes with houseful condition. The accommodation is not at all economical in may cases. The facilities are far from adequate. Since the seniors protest has no punch, there will be no reaction.

    It is only the almighty who can help the seniors.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    An adopted story.
    There lived a rich man with his son and grandson. The old man had to stay alone in the corner of the car shed. He was not permitted in side the big house. He had a separate plate, bed sheet, pillow, and everything. One day the old man expired. As the funeral and related functions are over, the rich son saw his son is keeping the plate and every other things used by his grandfather, in a safe place. On enquiry, the little boy said, "It is for you when you grow old.
    Remember, we can only reap what we sow.
    So, we at least:-
    Never allow kids to hear what "we didn't expect to hear from them"
    Never allow kids to see what "we didn't expect to see from them"


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