Starting new unaided schools in Kerala

On the sixth day after reopening of the schools on June 1st, the number of total students in all schools in Kerala has been taken. It shows that there is a reduction of more than one lakh students in the schools taken together. the reduction is mainly in the Government owned and aided schools. The strength in unaided sector has shown a slight improvement. But it is relatively very small compared to the reduction size. Under this circumstances will it be proper to sanction new schools, in the unaided sector in different places within the State?

Even with the reduction many of the schools will face the problem of accommodating the present teachers. If the teacher student ratio is to be maintained as per rule, in some of the schools, the number of teachers will have to be reduced. That implies the loss of job to some teachers.

Added with this if again new schools are allowed even the present strength will be affected and will create problems with regard to the job of teachers.