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    Padmanabha swami temple and its hidden wealth

    On the basis of the Honble' High Court's verdict the wealth kept inside hidden cells of the temple, Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, are getting known to the public. Was this a wise decision to declare those findings in public? With thousands of crores of rupees worth gold, jewellery, crowns, etc., will it not be real problem for the authorities concerned to keep them safely hereafter?

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    I agree that by declaring the assets public, the swindlers, dacoits and thieves etc will start working overtime as to how to get at least a part f the treasure. This will necessitate the deployment of additional security and additional expenses.

    However, if the hidden treasure was not noticed,opened , verified and an inventory taken, the chance would have been for the property lost gradually without even knowing that such a thing was there and perhaps will come after the loss without being able to assess as to what is the loss and the extent of loss.

    By undertaking the present activity by the authorities concerned under the representatives of various concerned authorities including that of the Supreme court, the recording will be more or less accurate. If this exercise was not done, perhaps the whole wealth would have been lying without ever being known of the same or lost through the theft of some clever who could have found out about the hidden wealth.

    The accumulation of the treasure might have been due to various factors. One factor is that the kings of Travancore were considering themselves as the daasaas of the Lord Padmanabha Swamy and whatever wealth they were getting through those under them or from those who were conquered by them were given to the deity as the Swamy's own property. Another possibility might have been due to the fear of the Tipu's or others plunder, these were hidden from knowledge of others by the kings of Travancore.

    Anyway the matter is now out. All the authorities should take a decision to use part it for the development of the temple and providing facilities to the devotees who come here for the darshan of the lord. Another part may be used for the development of the Thiruvananthapuram City and the rest of Kerala, keeping a portion as investment for the income which can be used for the temple exigencies.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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