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    Kerala State of the new U D F Government

    No two persons opinion can be 100% identical. Even in a family with the closest relations and emotional affinity, we find difference on many issues between members of the family. So in a state or the country the opinions can be many. In these back ground we have to see the budget presented. Instead of seeing only the political side, we should concentrate on the benefits of the budget. As explained it will be impossible for any one to satisfy all.

    The budget has many proposals for the benefit of many sections of the population. some of the salient features of the budget are:

    Increase of the accident insurance of the fishermen workers from Rs 2,00,000/- to 3,00,000/-. The job of these people is a very dangerous and no normal persons will venture. Hence the increase is well deserved.
    The remunerations of the Ankanwadi workers and the Asa workers increased from Rs 550/- and 300 to Rs 1000/- and 500 respectively. Even these amounts are meager comparing to the prices of essential commodities. But something is better than nothing.
    Women Development corporation is allowed Rs 4 1/2 crores.
    Reimbursement of the loan amounts of the Agriculturists of Kuttanad who suffered loss, to the banks concerned.
    Increase in the scholarships f the children of the minority communities.

    These are only some of the provisions from the budget of the "Capitalists/petty burshwas", shown as samples of the total provisions.
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    What you said is fact. None can satisfy all anyway.

    First of all, we should stop blaming everything blindly. Blame, if there is a reason. Merely political status should not be the criteria for it.

    Second thing, appreciate good things done, irrespective of the political status of the man who did it.

    Since the day, this government assumed power, there started strikes on various issues. If we go behind the reasons, the result would be a big zero.

    Opposition between the rulers and opposition should be used for the betterment of the public in general.



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