A Mischievous Devaprasnam ?

The recent devaprasnam conducted about the Thiruvananthapuram, Thiru Ananthapadmanabha Swamy appears to be ill timed. The supreme Court is in the process of some actions in respect of the Temple properties, the recording of the same, security arrangements for the temple and property, opening of the 6th vault (B vault) and the decision to be taken about the property. The actions are half way. The recordings of the property is going on and the court is to decide about the opening of the B vault.

If at all any devaprsnam was to be done it should have been before the whole incidents started or wit till the matter has come to a logical conclusion, in any case not in between. The findings of the devaprasnam appears to be like a tutored finding. They are feeling that the Royal family will meet with accidents if the B vault is opened, there are irregularities in the procedures followed, the things in the temple are not satisfactory to the deity, for having opened the A vaults, the thantris should do prayaschithams and the persons responsible for opening the vault will be liable for punishment from the deity.

It is nothing but blackmailing spiritually to say that those who are responsible for opening of the B vault will have to face the wrath of the deity and their family will suffer. This is to browbeat or cow down the ongoing process. After all the temple belongs to the people of Thiruvananthapuram, the district and the state as a whole. It does not belong to any body else.

The devaprsnam finds that the procedures and systems followed are not correct and the deity is upset over it. If it so the present set of the administration should be changed first and with that the worship/pooja set up also should change. In that even also the Royal family has no locus standi to interfere and decide.

Now thinking logically, what is wrong with the accounting of the property with digital, paper, camera and video so that it will be a permanent record available to people of all times to come. This will indicate whether there is any theft, pilferage, swindling of the property of the temple. The god should not measured in terms of human mind. It is only the human beings that can think of keeping others in ignorance so that the designers of the ignorance can do what they want. It is only those who want to manipulate the wealth will be interested in keeping things secret. No god has any intention to manipulated not only the wealth but any other aspect also. Hence there is no question of the deity getting annoyed or angry. If at all there is any such thing, then it should be for not keeping a record of the temple property. There is a say that kuppayil kalanjalum alannu kalyanam which means even the items meant to be thrown are to be measured before throwing.