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    Do Malayalee forget his reading habit?

    Kerala has a well popular literal culture. Malayalam literature is rich and have a strong base in its past. Is it safe today as same as before? Do we have good writers in Malayalam?
    I think someone have really great skills like M. Mukundan, M. T. Vasudevan Nair, Sachithananthan, Balachandran Chullikkadu, Anand, Sara Joseph etc (please mention your favorite writers too in response). All good writers give their skill of writing to make life to language and literature. But still the problem is not there. How many Malayalees keep the habit of reading? Reading means not only includes newspaper or magazines; Malayalam literature like great novels, short stories, poetry, articles, speeches etc. That improves our culture; and reading experience also a good guidance for making humanist mind.
    Very pathetic thing is that even some of our new generation doesn't know to read or write Malayalam. They not even read at least a newspaper. Do you think it is a favorable behavior? So keep in mind to teach the new generation of learning mother tongue and improving the habit of reading. Even our self or our children may escape from this shameful habit of not reading. Reading in any language should be encouraged.
    One of neighborhood child, 8 years old, he knows more about Harry Porter. But he didn't know who is Kunjunni Master.. Shame yar.. Right? But I feel happy when he asked about Kunjunni master when I told him. And I taught him Malayalam letters. Now I heard that he used to read atleast Newspaper headlines. Haha..
    Improve reading in yourself and tell others to don't forget our language and literature..

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    Hi prashob
    Yes,Most of malayalees forget their reading habit.Now they enter in to time controlling life.There is no time to read books for them .Most of young generation ,reading books is a really strange one.They spend more time for internet browsing with active in their study.It is painful fact that most old generation are stop their reading habit and spent their free time with medias.Now book reading can find as competition in school festivals.In coming era book reading will become a rare event in our society.The main cause of this situation not only due to our self but also the technological developments .
    with regards

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    Hi Prashob, it is clearly evident that the habit of reading books is nowhere near our life style. We don't have time for any thing in our life. The life style of people are changing rapidly and there is no time for such activities. People can't even spend some time with their relatives. Everybody is in a rush to make money.

    It is not the fault of anyone. The advancing society forgets about value of life. Loosing habits like reading can cause some major problems in the society. People will shrink to themselves. We may not see this change very rapidly but it will come out slowly.

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