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    The rapid decrease in price of computers

    A computer is very common in almost all houses now. Every student possess computer with him. The price of the computer and computer related devices are reducing very rapidly now a days. What is the reason for his reduction in the price of these equipments so rapidly? If we buy a computer today you will regret it tomorrow because of the reduction in price the next day. There will be a rapid reduction in the price that you will be shocked to hear the new price of the product.

    Even though the prices of all other things needed in our daily life are increasing the prices of these things are only decreasing. Just compare the price of a laptop in year 2000 with today. You can see the rapid change of tecg=hnology today. What rae the reasons for this?
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    The so called rapid decrease in rapid rates may be due to the increased use of computer in every look and corner of the society. But we cannot say that this is the only reason for rapid reduction of price. We know that unlike olden days, this is a competitive world. We can see competition in all parts of the world. This is the case of the computers. Many multinational companies introduce new varieties of computers and devices. In the case of processors Intel is the leading company. The introduction of core 2 duo processors has influenced the growth of the company much. Now the latest processors are 13 and 17. Laptops are also computers. The main feature of a laptop is its compatibility and the speed of the RAM. The smaller model of laptops are note books. HP, COMPAQ, TOSHIBA, ACER, SONY etc. are the leading companies for the production of laptops. So when new varieties are introduced the older one gets less popularity and hence lower price.


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    The technological development is so fast in the computer field.This makes the computer models already in the market to go for lesser price. People prefer the latest models always, since speed or other qualities will be better always in the new systems. Yo compete in the market the older models reduce their prices which attract the customers, especially who are not much concerned about the latest provisions.
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    The prices of computers are reducing. One of the reason is that though there is demand for computers, the production of P Cs have increased by leaps and bounds. There are several brands in the market. The competition is stiff. Hence the manufacturers keep the margin of profit very low.

    Another factor is the components of computers are manufactured by other units. There is constant improvement in the components making it cheaper as and when new components are introduced. Since the components are cheaper, the price of final product also has to be low.

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