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    For the 2011 Onam festival in Kerala, the liquor sales have hit record high. Discuss

    Hi Friends,

    Onam is the harvest festival of our Kerala state. Its a time for enjoying. But now we Malayalees have turned a lot. In the past there was no usage of liquor during the onam season. Eventhough liquor forms an important part in some person's life, it was not used for celebrating onam in the past times. Now things have changed. For the 2011 Onam festival in Kerala, the liquor sales have hit record high. That means the sales of alcohol in kerala for this onam festival have touched a record of Rs 236 crore in our state. This is not a simple amount when compared to the previous year. If you compare it to the previous year, this year there is an increase of 24.93%. Should we spend large amounts for buying alcohol, which is the most important poison to our body? Give your opinion regarding this.

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    Onam, the celebration of happiness and purity, but people enjoy it with alcohol. It is very much shame to us. Nowadays it is clear that liquor is the part of every festivals and celebrations, even for marriages too.
    People do spend huge money for this poison. They don't even think it only gives temporary joy and long damage to body. How many families suffering to exist because of this devil.
    The sales of liquor rate increasing every year. Now the society should alert about this. Our children too hearing this. Be careful that our new generation should not dump into alcohol.


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    It is an alarming fact to note that the use of the liquor is increasing everyday. It is worse when the liquor consumption is more during the most important festival of Kerala Onam. It is really disappointing to note this in the 'Saakshara Kerala'. In the normal circumstances what is expected is that when people start using liquor, those around like the family members, friends and neighbors etc should persuade the unfortunates to come out of the trap of drinks. Instead what is found is that others are also falling into the trap and swelling the ranks of the drunkards.

    People all over India talk about Kerala as the most literate state in the country with near cent percent basic education. As such h they are supposed to lead the country in showing our knowledge by avoiding bad thinks like drinks. Instead we are leading others in this vice. Keralites are known for the cleanliness. It should not be in body alone but should reflect in the mind also.

    In our mind we have degenerated to a great extent. If we go through any serial or cinema we cannot find one without a drink scene. The scene will be depicted in a revolting manner. The characters will be drinking as if they are drinking water or some cold drink. It will also show that not only the men drink like pigs, but the lady or the daughter of the house will be making arrangement and even serving at least the first peg. I feel this may be the case in some homes also.

    We should all forget that drinking indicating high class society and be Keralayeens, that is, be clean in mind also. Let us hope the god will come to the rescue of the gods own country.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Alcohol consumption drastically increases during these days.Because liquor is major part in every celebration events like marriage,Onam, vishu,New year,Christmas.Peoples spend more money for this consumption than other goods.Some peoples use it daily in controlled manner for reducing Overload of job.But most of peoples especially teenagers use it for only enjoyment.The interesting fact is Women also under the liquor.Media have an important role in liquor.They some times promote this bad habit.In most cinemas Superstar actors use liquor as fashion.So most teenagers imitate them ,then they turn to begin such bad habit in their life.
    Excess alcoholism will lead so many social disaster also lead to increasing road accidents .
    So in my opinion Kerala Government will increase price of liquor and
    conduct public awareness.
    With regards

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