Minister P J Joseph again in Trouble

P J Joseph when he was minister in the earlier ministry was in trouble for alleged misbehaving with a lady in the flight and he had to resign from the minister's post.

Now again he is in the news for the alleged obscene SMS message from his mobile. The complainant Surabhi Das from Thodupuzha filed a complaint in the Thodupuzha Magistrate's court. Her allegation was that Joseph was sending blank SMS to her mobile. The court made a preliminary inquiry with witnesses. During the evidence recording of witnesses Surabhi's husband Jaimon denied the allegation. Later he went and gave evidence in secrecy to the court. There were other witnesses who had given evidences. On the basis of the preliminary information the court felt there is a prima facie case and has issued summons to the minister Joseph to appear in the court during the next hearing.

Such type of cases will be difficult to decide wherever public figures are involved. It is quite possible that the minister was involved in the acts. On the contrary it is also possible that his political or other enemies might be trying to take advantage of the embarrassments. Nobody except the lady and the minister will know the truth. Of course in the present case since the mobile is involved, it may be quite possible to find out through the technological advances.