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    Discuss: Is there any need of live telecast of Kerala assembly meetings?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is there any need of live telecast of Kerala assembly meetings?'.
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    There is absolutely no necessity for telecast of the Kerala State Assembly or for that matter any State Assembly or even the Parliament. In the olden days about 20 years back, there used to be debates, discussions on matters with facts and figures, with logic and reasoning, with principles and practices at least a bit matching.

    Now the only principle is which side is able to make more money, which side is able to indulge in more nepotism.

    Earlier there used to be ideology of self reliance and non alignment on the one side, forum of free enterprises on another and socialism on the third. After the death of communism and socialism from not only our land but from the whole of earth, and with the abolition of self reliance and non alignment there is very little to discuss in any meaningful way. Everybody leaves matters to somebody who does in their own half hearted way with their personal prejudices added and some shout for it and other counter shout for it. That is the kind of discussion or debate going on.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    I think it should be. The representatives are sent to the Assembly or Parliament is to ensure the easier and effective administration. They should bring the problems of common people to light, discuss it and solve them. But most of the days they assemble, walkouts and unnecessary arguments are seen. The people should know what their representatives do and do not. It can make a positive impact, I think.

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    It is good that the people who have voted the Members to the Assembly get a chance to see what they do there. Very often we read in the news papers that the actions and speeches of the so called people's representatives are not so appreciable. They cross the limit of decency and very often walk out, even for very silly matters. So if people see all these at least some of the members will be careful.
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