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    Discuss: Reading has now become a dying habit in children

    Hi Friends,

    In the present day, the reading habit of a child has almost vanished with the entry of internet, television & video games. In the past this was not the situation. Children spend most of their time reading good books that influenced their mind. But when considering the present day generation, reading has become a dying habit among them. With the entry of internet where things are available very easily, parents often forget to develop the reading habit in their children. So here you can write your opinion regarding the importance of reading books. You can also mention any demerits also.

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    Ma'm, I don't think the habit of reading is dying among children. Internet and television have changed the lives and habits of the children a lot. But the point is it has made them read also, but in a different way. It is the medium that has changed. Then, the people, be it children or adults, used to read books. Now the books and conventional reading are getting replaced by the internet, ebook and more. But there are many demerits of it. The prime thing is the health of eye itself. Looking continuously on the electronic screen is surely dangerous to the eyes. But books are never harmful in that sense. Also the mushrooming of porn sites and all have started to make an impact on the children using internet. That will lead to the ruining of their character and life. It's an important thing the parents should take care of. The writing has been reduced due to all can be typed easier than written. It's less time consuming. But regarding reading, I believe it hasn't dimmed yet.

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    i agree partly with Mr Nikhil Rajagopalan. The reading has not stopped, but only changed the medium. Earlier people used to read to gain knowledge. Now to gain knowledge people go to TV sets of internet. This is better than the books. In books only the visual part is there. Now it is audio and visual. Earlier people used to read news, stories, novels, travel accounts, adventure materials etc and now the same things are continued either in TV shows or in net browsing.

    Earlier also we cannot say that every one was reading. It was only a certain percentage may be about 20 to 25 % of people might have been in the habit of reading. Now the % might be more around 40 to 50% using TV/internet etc.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    It has become a habit to say that the reading habit of children is becoming less. This statement need a thorough examination. Students, of course, will be reading their text and note books. Also some other texts suggested by teachers as additional reading, based on which some essay or write up will have to be prepared.
    In addition to these at least some of the students read magazines useful for their studies. Again the internet search also takes place.
    In general, about all people, also there is a feeling that the reading habit is dying. But the book publishers will not agree this. They bring out several new titles every year and these are sold out. Also new publishers come into the field.
    So from what we see around, it is difficult to conclude that reading habit is dying.

    Gold Member, SPK

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