How much significant is the verdict in Soumya case ?

The Kerala society seems a little bit relieved to have heard the court verdict in the Soumya murder case. Govindachami gets death sentence. That is the maximum punishment he can get according to the Indian law system, though it is incomparable to the pain Soumya sufferred in her last moments. Still, the question is left hanging there. What impact is this verdict going to make in the society ? Is it enough to discourage this type of people ? Govindachami is only a part of this chain. When a Govindachami dies, another one is made. This process is what is to be annihilated. Waking up after a disaster doesn't really make sense. What the women need is a safe environment rather than a breathless protection. That can't only be achieved by these punishments but by the enlightenment of the society. We have to work more on that. Also breaking the net of these immoral people is the important task. Society and the law should be more vigilant. What you think ?