Changing the face of this concern as a begining of a new relationship

Hi all,

This is Sajeer.PP writing from Indore , Madhya Pradesh.
I am working here as Junior Manager in a private company Volvo Eicher Commercial vehicles.
I am basically from Calicut , Kerala. I am interested in writing and investigating things.I have wrongly selected my field of activity as Engineering. So always I wanted to do something creative liking writing poems or stories and even scripts. My dream is to become a filmmaker and trying hard to chase them down.
I am living outside Kerala for the last 4 years. Thus I know the pain of being separated from home and close ones. If anybody can help me in fulfilling of my dreams , dont hesitate. I have some good scripts for making films. Also I expect great co-operation from all.
If anybody want any help from me regarding education , job etc outside Kerala , feel free to contact me. I am having experience and contacts in almost all the south cities such as Calicut , Cochin , Chennai , Coimbatore , Bangalore , Hyderabad , and also Mumbai , Delhi and Indore. So you can approach me for any halp in these areas.