Kerala and Kerala Piravi

Kerala is going to celebrates its birthday on November 1(Kerala Pirvi) as the state was formed in Nov 1,1956. Malayalam is the mother tongue of the Kerala.
Before the independence our kerala is in a three independent provinces of Madura, Cochin and Travancore. After independence(15 Aug 1947) , in 1956 this three provinces united to form a single state called Kerala.

The name Kerala is derived from two names that is 'Kera' and 'alam'. Kera means coconut tree (kerala is rich in coconut) and alam means land or location. According to the myth of hindu, kerala is arise by Parashurama who is an avatar of Mahavishnu. The hindu myth pays that if threw his battle axe into the sea and the water separated to form a land that land is often called Kerala.

Kerala is a wide area of about 38,863 km2. The border states of kerala are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and the other side of the kerala is washed by the Arabian Sea. After the independent Kerala has changed a lot in the field of development and socially. The modern Kerala has fourteen districts and Trivandrum is the state capital of Kerala. Kerala is also rich in traditions and cultures and also known as the gods own country because of the traditional stories and it is known as in the past there are so many kings and gods are born on this land. Kerala is a well known tourist centre in all over the world because of the agricultural, ayur vedics and the traditional and cultural practises. Kerala is also place which is supporting democracy and also kerala become the first place in the world in which a communist leader was elected in a general election.

When Kerala celebrates its 56th Anniversary all the malayalee's in the all over the world will remember the past 56 years which was took a great change in the history of kerala for development. Now kerala is rich in education and now malayalee's are grap many achievements in all over world which is proudly for there land.