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    My AdSense request got disapproved, what to do next?

    My request for adsense account got disapproved a week ago, and the reason they said was 'Site does not comply with Google policies'.
    I didn't get what they really mean.
    Please help me, and tell me what to do next.
    It will be so helpful if you reply, and its my dream to get an adsense account.
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    Did you applied adsense for Spiderkerala or some other sites ?

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    applied from spiderkerala.
    Try the Best ,To be the Best

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    I reviewed your profile and articles, and technically there is no reason why Google should not approve your application. However, I strongly recommend that a member should follow the six months rule. Though Google does not officially say that members' profiles need to be at least six months old to apply from a Google AdSense sharing website — the myth has always been there in the industry. And behind every myth, there is some sort of reason, isn't it?

    Forget about this AdSense rejection, nothing can be done about it right now. Keep posting good articles, try to improve your performance even further, wait for six to seven months, and apply afresh. You have joined this site on 14 July 2012, so I will recommend you to have patience and apply again for AdSense around early February next year or so. Meanwhile, your profile will be richer, and will enhance your chances of getting approved.

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