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    Emerging Kerala and Kochi city

    Much publicized 'Emerging Kerala' summit is fast approaching. However, the city administration has decided to clean up the city and premises immediately. As part of this cleaning they have announced that the 'Thattukadas' will not be allowed to function on those three days of summit. Similarly the tender coconut sellers are to abstain from their job on those days. Both these jobs are generally taken up by very poor people and they depend on the daily sales for their existence. Why they should be punished as part of the reception to VIP guests?
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    The answer is simple with clear reasons, if those people are aware of the current issues in Kerala I'm sure they will never show any courage to dine at any star hotels or restaurants in Kerala and their only resort will those honest poor people who sell in much hygienic way . Just being sensible. Kerala always wanted to hide its poverty behind the masks of star hotels , tourist resorts, big malls, hyper markets, techno parks and all. All they want to make sure is to look a gentleman when truly the mask hides rags and tales of flop projects. Im not shocked for today's politics includes those daily-earners only during elections and later what they do is beat hard on those people's empty stomachs.

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