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    Anything wrong with our democracy ?

    India is one of the largest democracies in the world. We have a system of rule purely based on democratic values. Every five year the people elect their representatives to the Parliament. This Parliament meets and discusses various issues related to the welfare of the country and its people. Necessary laws and rules are also enacted there. People view the Parliament in very high and esteem position.

    When we watch the attitude and functioning of our elected representatives inside the Parliament house, one is afraid that something somewhere is wrong. The just concluded Parliament session had 13 days sitting. No business could be transacted during these days because of the members' behavior.

    It is estimated that about two crores of rupees are spent for one day's sitting, that means 26 crores of rupees are wasted by our respectful elected representatives. This is when crores of people in our country are finding it difficult to have food at least once a day !
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    Our democracy is fine but the people up there are not. They fight like children over a candy. It is pathetic that grown ups show such lack of discipline and order to the children to show it.Its been tiring to receive in the same news everyday that our representatives are not ready to show some patience or react with a bit more seriousness and thought! Everyone wants their point to be accepted and stays adamant on the decision giving no gaps for a better one! These situations always makes me repeat the question, When will they grow up! At least when will they start showing regard to these public who waits eagerly each day for their representatives to achieve for them something beneficial, if not at least something that is not fatal to the commons!

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