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    Another Airport for Kerala ?

    Environment Ministry has given green signal for the demand for an Airport at Aranmula. It is proposed to be constructed in an area of 500 acres. This will be the fifth air port of Kerala, which is a small State having about six hundred kilometer length from North to South. Aranmula come almost at the middle of Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, both these cities having air ports.

    The distance between Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram is just above 200 km. So within a distance of 200 km we are going to have three airports ! It means Kerala people are going to have an airport within a distance of 120 Km on an average, like KSRTC bus stands !!

    Are the people of Kerala now starving for airports ? How many will makes use of these airports?
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    That was a very good point sir. But thinking on the positive side it will surely help in the development of tourism in the state and it will surely reduce the travel load for people of the surrounding areas allowing them a closer passageway than driving to Kochin or Trivandrum.They are not going to be the central ports like Kochin and Trivandrum yet looks like they are like the icing on the cakes allowing us to boast on the number of airports in the state.

    Emerging Kerala have already prepared outlines for Metro rail project and broadening the highways. Kerala is already on the track for better transportation facilities both in numbers and varieties. Let's hope for the best out of everything and believe this will brings us benefits we are worthy of.

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    Dear Sankaran Sir,

    But I favor this move as I am from a place near Trivandrum and it is easy for me to use Trivandrum International Airport, but there are many friends of mine from Kottayam and Allepy districts, they say they have equal distance to Trivandrum and Ernakulam Airports. These people have to travel 3-4 hours to reach there home. A flight from Dubai to Kerala takes 4Hrs, in addition to that traveling 4Hrs on road makes a total of 8Hrs journey. That is horrible. I have heard one of my friend saying it is 8Hrs journey from USA or UK, similarly some flight trips may be 14Hrs journey, for such passengers this new airport will be of great relief.

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