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    Efforts to free Kerala from plastic wastes.

    The Kerala state have decided to free itself from scattered plastic wastes. The state have called upon active participation from the educational institutions, households and the panchayats to collect all the plastic wastes from the surroundings concentrating those into specific chosen area and then removing the plastics wastes through effective processing. The state have given a call to the public to give in their maximum contribution to clean the state. Programs have also been organised that includes planting of saplings and promoting afforestation. The programs even though focuses on increasing the contribution of the student circle into the nation building process active participation from age groups have been called upon by the state to promote cleanliness and to exhibit signs of ideas on going green.
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    This is a good start. There are several schemes already, and separate agency under the Government has been working for this since several years. Kerala Suchitwa Mission is the agency at present looking after this management of waste.

    Through the local bodies (Panchayats, Municipalities, etc) they encourage the waste management. If anybody comes forward to install a bio-gas plant then more than 75 % of the cost for the plant will be subsidized if applied through the Mission.Part of the subsidy will be from the local body. Bio-degradable waste can always be used to produce bio-gas which can supplement the cooking gas in the kitchen. About 5 kg waste can produce approximately gas to cook for about one to one and a half hours.

    In the case of plastic there are agencies who collect them and even pay something for this waste. Government should take stern steps to control the quality of plastic covers (carry bags), mainly the product must be 50 micron or above so that reuse or recycling is possible.

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    Yes, it is good start. Also each one of us should individually take a decision not to use plastic products at our home. This will help our nature as plastic takes time to get decay and also using plastic utensils is harmful for our body.

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