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    Veteran actor Thilakan is no more

    After fighting with death in his own style for more than a month, Thilakan, 'Perunthacchan' of Malayalam film world has left us. That 'male voice' will remain in our memory for ever. He shined in any role entrusted with him. It is actually difficult to rank the acting of this veteran in various films. Actually he was living through his characters.
    Thilakan started as a stage actor. His roles in various dramas are even now remembered by those who had the opportunity to see them. It was this background that helped him to get into film. Once he started there, he did not look back. Any role can be entrusted with him confidently.
    Now everything is over and he will live through his films, which in number are more than two hundred.
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    Sad that he left us for he was a versatile actor. Any role would suit him and I like him mostly in fatherly roles. In all social networking sites and TV channels we can see everyone in film industry talking about him and wishing that he was alive. But I do not know how far these are true for most them did not like him when he was alive and now when he is no more, crying just to attract audience is not all acceptable. According to me Director Renjith, Prithviraj and Ganesh are the only few people who supported him. No one in the film industry can replace him for he was that talented. He believed in Communism and died as a true communist. Salute to the legend!!!

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