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    'Silent spring' is fifty years' old

    'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson is a book which attracted the attention of all environmentalists throughout the world towards a major environmental problem. This is 50th year of its publication (actually 27th of September is its 'birth day').

    This book narrates how a beautiful village with greeneries, hillocks, rivers, trees and shrubs with flowers and fruits attracting different birds can be destroyed just because of the use of pesticides. Though the village mentioned in this book is only the creation of the author, the theme came to her mind because of a similar incidence took place in a village where due to aerial spraying of DDT for destroying pests the birds were killed.

    We have a similar problem at Kasargod where the use of Endosulphan, a pesticide has caused irreparable losses to the life of people and animals.
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    Dear Shankaran Sir,

    Thank you for sharing this information here. To be honest, I have not even heard about the book 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carso. 50 years passed and still I remain ignorant.

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