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    Milma planning to increase the milk packet price in kerala

    The Milma, which is the largest milk supplying company in Kerala state is planning to increase the prices of milk in Kerala. We know that the price rise is a major problem in the present condition. If the prices of daily using products are also increased , the common people could not afford this.
    so the prices of milk products should not increased now.
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    Kerala is a place where there are more of middle income people than multimillionaires. Therefore this move from the part of Milma is not acceptable. Milk is a necessity in Kerala, as we Malayalees have the habit of drinking a tea or coffee in the morning. This price hike will affect the poor people, Not everyone can buy a cattle and find grass for it. I hope people come out to protest against this move from the side of Milma.

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    Milma has already raised the price by Rs.5/- per liter, irrespective of the variety of milk. Milma authorities always claim the increased amount is collected to pay the farmers. However the quality of the milk supplied by them is going down.Especially the milk supplied in yellow cover do not contain any fat, hence more quantity need be used for tea or coffee; even for getting buttermilk this is not so good.
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    There is adulteration of food materials everywhere. Looks like Milma denies to be an exception. Prices have also been increasing rapidly for every commodity in the market there has been such drastic changes in the market since then. Looks like Milma is not going to drop a bit of fortune they can cobble up by such steady increases in price.

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