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    Fiftieth anniversary of 'Silent Spring' celebrated

    September 27th 1962 was the day on which the book 'Silent Spring' written by Rachael Carson was published. Today is its fiftieth anniversary day. This was celebrated in a befitting manner at Kochi, at 10.00 AM. The venue was St Albert's' Teachers' Training Institute and the seminar was organized by Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad, a popular science movement working in Kerala.

    Justice K.Sukumaran presided over the session and three different presentations were made by eminent popular science workers Prof.K.R.Janardhanan, Pof. M.Sivasankaran and Dr.C.Jayakumar.

    In the first presentation the picture about the environmental set up during the last fifty years was discussed. The second presentation gave stress to the effects of pesticides on the life on earth. It took examples from the Endosulfan spray in Kasargod and its after effects. The third one was to elaborate on how these pesticides are causing genetical imbalances.

    The session was attended by several teacher-students, teachers, scientists and popular science workers.
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    Dear Shankaran Sir,

    Nice information. I have also read your thread posted on 25th September 2012 about 'Silent Spring' written by Rachael Carson.

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    Silent Spring by Rachael Carson have been an influential step towards advicing the world of what may become if we follow our current outlook towards nature. It reminds us of the fact that how much sensitive nature is and like a small baby responds to our every action but in vain. Even though Earth suffers a lot for her children she reminds us that we have crossed our limits. Silent Spring written during the dawn of industrialisation was a visionary work that warned us of the intense side effects of pesticides and other chemical compunds. Racheal's work initiated the Environmental Movement and she became a well known defender for nature.

    The book leaves us pondering on the danger we have been to our fellow beings. She reminds us of the fact that the world belongs to other life forms too.The importance of the book comes when apart from a scientific analyses Carson Renders the text with a highly influential emotional tone that strikes our consciousness with great impact.

    The impact of the work was at such magnitude that president himself adviced a check on the chemical usages in the country.The extensive usage of DDt came to restricted and the world for the fisrt time focussed on the side effects of the compound. As a whole the work shook the basis of technology and even threatened the usage of chemicals.Apart frm the disputes it spired there was an International acclaim the book acquired and supporters for Carsons findings increased rapidly.

    For anyone who thinks what bad technology can do to other life forms a read of the book is compulsary and you will find yourself weeping fr other lifeforms.

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