World Tourism day – 27th Sep 2012

Today the 27th of September is celebrated as the World Tourism Day. This day was declared as the World Tourism Day by United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) years ago as 27th September is the day when the Statutes of the UNWTO was adopted.

Now a day's people are aware about tourism and are more interested in traveling. Traveling to different parts of the world helps in understanding their culture and tradition, thus it is spread around the globe. This was the intention of United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO), when they decided to allocate a day as World Tourism Day.

Tourism is also a source of income to all the country which has natural beauty, historical monuments and man-made wonders. We, Indians are also not back in these qualities, especially when it comes to Kerala, our state. Kerala is rightly known as "God's own country". This name was given as Kerala is place filled with natural beauty. We have rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, flowers, rains, pilgrimage venues, historical monuments, palaces and what not. Moreover our climate is best suited for a trip. But the only feature we lack is some Keralites do not know how to treat their guests. We are known for our hospitality but there are some who spoils our image in front of tourists. Let us all take a pledge on this particular day that we will take good care of our guests and will not cause any harm or trouble to them.