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    Prathap Pothen back in Malayalam film

    Thakara' was a film enjoyed by film goers in Malayalam. The actor who took that title role could establish himself in the minds of all film lovers. It was none other than Prathap Pothen, who appeared after a long break of thirty years in a Malayalam film, '22 Female Kottayam'. His role in that film was also well accepted by everybody.
    During the last thirty years he was busy in Tamil films as director and actor. Now he is back in Kerala to take up a role in a T.K. Rajeev kumar film 'up and down – Mukalil oraalundu'(മുകളില്‍ ഒരാളുണ്ട്). Also he is busy with other films which include a Lal Jose film 'Ayalum njaanum thammil'(അയാളും ഞാനും തമ്മില്‍)). ))
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    The come back of a star has always been a point of celebration in the Malayalam Cinema Industry. Even the sudden rise or demise of star goes largely unnoticed yet the come back is a huge celebration. With such come backs the earlier movies as well as the upcoming movies of the star suddenly forge into the limelight allowing a platform of glitz and glamour for the star as well as the movies they have starred in. Thinking on the topic this looks like a strategy for filmmakers for a huge marketing of their movies. The media support will always be high in such cases. Even the film posters bring it to our notice the return of a star. We are always looking for good artists and we hope more of such stars join us back again to make our industry flourish further.

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    Prathap Pothen is a well accepted actor among the Malayalam actors. He has shown his talents and capabilities in the old Malayalam movies, but now his coming back is a celebration and time of joy for the Malayalam Film Industry. We, the general public can also expect some good movies from him. Reading the new film names given by you, I feel these two will turn out to be good movies with a good moral in it.

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