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    Kerala High Court again on toddy sales

    Kerala High Court wonders whether the political parties are giving importance to vote bank than the health of the people. In a previous judgement the Honorable Court observed whether it would be possible to ban the sale of toddy, since it had become a practice to sell spurious liquors in the name of toddy.

    As a response to this the excise minister stated that it was the people to decide what they should drink.
    The Honorable Court asks if that is the policy why there are various laws, such as Abkari law. Why there should be a law enforcing the two wheeler riders' use of helmets. Laws are needed to protect people even from problems related to their jobs.

    In the name of the workers in toddy tapping all political parties are coming against any move to ban toddy sale. These parties which are for serving the people are not giving any importance to their health, the court observes.
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    Issues on the topic of toddy sales spurs up again in the court . A complete ban on toddy doesn't seem like a very good idea as toddy is an exotic part of our culture and many poor lives depends on the process. Yet when their lives and the lives of the consumers greatly depend on the truthfulness of the business, the court should be delicate in dealing with the case. Not just as to ban the illicit toddy but to bring keep in focus the lives of those workers behind the true business. Banning toddy completely from Kerala would be a losing of our own little part of the culture.There was a time when I condemned toddy shops but when later pondered upon the topic found that toddy also was an essential basis for tracing up our culture and also a part of our tourism programmes. Toddy is also the workmen's glucose. We cant utterly throw away our part of the culture but concentrate on those black grains that stain our lot.

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