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    Food in Kerala increasing in varieties.

    Till yesteryear Kerala cuisine have served up delicacies we have acquired from our elders and also varieties of dishes from the North, East and West . Sharing from the same directions Kerala cuisine have suddenly burst into a myriad of new flavors we have just have to choose the flavor. Which one is that you prefer? worms? fungi? centipedes or spiders? Well everything are in the cuisine now especially in the hotels and bakeries you just have to choose varieties according how old the food there is. If just a few days older the flavor would just be of a bad odor and probably dabs of fungi. If a bit more older it will be Fungi flavored and if much more older you can choose from the different types of worms.Now the flavors have just spread into higher levels that even centipedes and spiders are on the hit list. Cockroaches and lizards are already on the occasional preferences and looks like the animal activists should now be on the role to revolt that such innocent living beings are taken as food in Kerala also. The list seems to be increasing day by day and probably now rules should come up to save and preserve our insect and worm varieties from getting eaten up completely. I sure am worried to post in such mockingly at our food habits but i can stop myself after seeing the same issue in papers and medias every day there is a special bulletin. Shavarmas have been a threat and it still continues to be so. I am afraid that if the trend continues Kerala cuisine will increase in its dish varieties innumerably. Any way thanks to the hotels and bakeries serving up such flavored dishes else our food would have been so much limited to the usual vegetarian varieties .
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    It is only natural that food varieties go on increasing. There are several reasons for this. People travel these days frequently and get in touch with food items in other places. Naturally once they are back they try to prepare such items which they liked.

    Now a days Kerala is becoming a State where people from other States are staying in large number in connection with jobs. Their preferred foods are made available in the hotels in order to attract them.

    Anther reason is the presence of so many TV channels. Each has some time set apart for propagating food recipe. Magazines also compete each other to publish different varieties of food recipe.

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    Food varieties have mutual influence in every nook and corner of the world. I was mocking on the new insect and worm flavored varieties hotels and bakeries serve these days. My concern is just about damaged old food items that have been causing such spur in Kerala recently.

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