Air travels becoming less credible.

The last few days have built up in Kerala issues concerning aeroplane travels . The planes bringing passengers from the gulf provinces have been landing in any airport where they choose to and has been very badly getting on the nerves of the passengers. Planes scheduled to land in Cochin , Trivandram , Kozhikkod etc have been landing in any airports they choose and the entire plane schedules have been delayed from 4-7 hours due to this unexpected landings. The indifference shown by the airport staffs to the troubled up passengers have been very rude. Passengers of all age ranges have been troubled greatly as the airports refuse to take in expenses of transporting each to the right destination. The angry passengers who reacted to the issue were taken as culprits and held by the police. Sounds like a war film episode where injustice is done and the innocent is left helpless and tortured.