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    Development must sustain for generations to come.

    This is a time when all are talking about development and the Governments are announcing several projects for this. Media go on splashing news about them and holding heated discussions. In all these political or such differences are projected. Little importance is given the fact whether it is aiming at sustainable development or not.

    Majority of the projects are designed to suit only a very small fraction of the society. Interests of the majority will be overlooked. An example is the high speed corridor project or the projects for more aerodromes. Sometimes the aim of the project will be for land grabbing. Hundreds of hectares of land are purchased for starting university campuses. In all these short term interests of a group decides the importance of the project, not its sustainability or the benefits to the majority.

    Detailed discussion about all the projects must be taken up at all levels in order to find out really how they benefit the majority as a whole.
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    Hi T.M.Sankaran,
    It is difficult to introduce new job opertunities in Kerala. Because if any party support new project other parties oppose project. So new projects are difficult to introduce in kerala. So many companies are avoid kerala for this disappointment reation from kerala. Lot of project oppurtunities are missed and also missing. If new projects are started in Kerala that will reduce poverty and increase our earnings. So many malayalies get job oppertunities. Look at smart city, kochi metro..........So many malayalies are looking for their job on out side of the kerala.


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    Hi ,
    It is very shame to say about our developments. In this state there is so many chances for development but the actual development is not possible in some sectors. Kerala is depending other states for the daily need stuffs. In our state lot of development projects are designed and those designs are now only in documents. The projects delayed because of the political war if one party introduce a new project others will oppose it. Beyond that the Perfidy people inside the parties make the projects Inconceivable.We must need a good development in our economic sector ,for the development more good projects are emerged in this state.


    sirash khan

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