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    Rationing of drinking water to introduce in Kerala

    Water is becoming a scarce resource, without which man (animals and plants too) cannot survive. Kerala a land of waters with 44 rivers, of which 41 passes through the State, and several other water bodies such as lakes, ponds and wells (the maximum number of wells are said to be in Kerala compared to other States) is moving towards drought hit condition soon. Hence the Government plans to control the consumption of water by way of imposing ration on its use. Local self Governments will arrange water kiosks for the distribution of water in limited quantity to the people. Naturally per family consumption per day will be limited.

    It will be interesting to recall a statement by Winston Churchill, who was the Prime Minister of England and was against granting freedom to India. He remarked that Indians could not rule and for generating money they would even tax drinking water ! Now the drinking water is coming in bottled form which is priced variantly and a portion of the price is remitted as tax. When we pay water charges every month as per the bill based on our consumption, a share is going as tax.

    Now to add to that we are soon going to stand in queue for drinking water in front of Panchayath offices. (Of course many are already standing in queues waiting water tankers or for getting water from public taps in several towns and cities).
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    This is a nice plan implemented by our government. I stay near a water body and I have seen the change in its water quantity level. When I was small there was plenty of water in the river, but now there is hardly any water to be seen and the worst part is people take soil from this water body and thus it has become a huge hole now.

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    What you refer is not taking soil, I suppose, it must be sand mining. Removal of sand from the bottom of the river actually deepens that place immediately, but soon mud from other parts flow to that place and get filled. Water is also not stored there as do by sand. water flows immediately to sea and the also the available water quality is adversely affected.
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