How to Get Good Revenue By Spider Kerala ?

Hello my friends,

I have been working in SPK since 1 year. SPK is really special site compare to other site because our webmaster biju gave complete support for all members. I am working in many sites but eventhough I am getting good adsense earning as well as article earning by SPK only.

How to get good cash credits and adsense earning for our articles in SPK ?
1. First of Topic selection is very important, you must select some upcoming topics and hot topics for writing articles. If you select any good hot topics means, you will get some good article earning in SPK. If you feel any difficulties in topic selection means you can discuss with webmaster of SPK, he will give you some hot topics with valuable suggestion.

2.Avoid Spelling mistakes and Grammatical mistakes while you are writing articles. Please check your articles before submitting your article here. Puntuation also very essential for one article.

3. Heading of article is very important, you have to include some keywords in heading. Heading of article should be based on your content.

4. Summary is very important for one articles. If you want to get good traffic for your article means summary is very important for that, because your summary will directly indexed in google search result page. So, visitors will visit your articles based on your summary only.

5. HTML is used to make some keywords in your articles. Heading tag and bold tag is very useful and bring traffic for your article, so put heading in your each sub topics, and bold it some important keywords in your article.

6. You should write article with high quality contents, don't write short articles, atleast you have to write articles with 500 or 600 words, then only your article will be indexed in google search result. You must write kerala related topics in our Spiderkerala, if you write any non-relevant articles means your article will be deleted by our SPK editors or webmasters.

If you following above rules means your articles bring good cash credits as well as good adsense earning by SPK.

All the best for New Memebers!

Santhosh Kumar.A