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    Mathrubhumi news channel will go on air from 23 January 2013 at 10.30 am

    Mathrubhumi news channel is launching on 23 January 2013 at 10.30 am onwards. Mathrubhumi News channel is a 24x7 Malayalam News channel from Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Company and it is their first entering to visual media. Mathrubhumi News will launch on 23 January while their multilingual music channel Kappa TV will go on air from 1 February.

    Mathrubhumi news papers are on top among printable media in Malayalam. They have not only rooted in Kerala but also all over the world with their outstanding and truthful news reports. Now, the major news publication company enters into visual media with the launch of two channels namely <a href=/articles/Mathurbhumi-News-Channel.aspx>Mathrubhumi news</a> and<a href=articles/Mathrubhumi-Kappa-TV-channel.aspx> Kappa TV</a>.
    <img src='/attachments/Resources/10162-51747-Mathrubhumi-news-channel-logo.jpg' alt='Mathrubhumi news channel logo' style='padding:10px' align='right'>

    In our state Kerala, we have number of channel which is exclusively focusing on news namely, Asianet news, Kairaly people, India vision, Reporter and Manorama news. Now, the Mathrubhumi news also joins this competitive field with their large experience in printing and publishing over the decades. Mathrbhumi news channel is the first visual media project from Mathrubhumi group. Launch of this channel will mark Mathrubhumi's entry into Kerala's competitive TV news broadcasting space dominated by different news corporation.

    Till now, Mathrubhumi group only focus on printable media, and they are top among it. They have many national and international readers. In Printing and publishing, their biggest competitor is Malayala manorama and they have already launched their news channel Manorama news and entertainement channel Mazhavil Manorama. Now, it is the time for Mathrubhumi group to take heart of viewers with their first news channel Mathrubhumi news. Mathrubhumi group already captured heart of audience with their first FM channel Club FM on radio. Positive result from this has given much dare to them to launch a TV channel, especially in this competitive news channel era.

    Surely, it will be nice treat for each and every viewer, since we may get the latest news at the instant of it happen. Competition among channels will compel them to bring all the latest and breaking news on their channel to bring the attraction of viewers. Most of the present news channels in Kerala are winning in this case, and we can hope this will continue by the new born <a href=resources/10152-Mathrubhumi-Malayalam-News-Channel-frequency-Satellite-Technical-data.aspx>Mathrubhumi news channel</a> too.

    Mathrubhumi groups have planned to launch two channels in this year. One is particularly for news while other is for music and entertainment. Mathrubhumi news channel will go on air from 23 January 10.30 am onwards, while Kappa TV from February 1 onwards. Both of these channels are free to air and have already secured carriage deals with almost cable operators in our state including Asianet Cable Television and Kerala's biggest multi-system operator (MSO). Mathrubhumi group is also planning to launch their news channel in Gulf and metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

    Mathrubhumi news channel will have Unni Krishnan as the Chief of News with a team of 250 journalists helping him. This channel will have a bureau in every district of Kerala which will give it an edge in covering locally relevant issues. They will also have bureaus in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.
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    It is now very much in the air and I used to watch it. It covers news satisfactorily. I am regular reader of Mathrubhumi news paper, from my childhood days itself. So naturally I have an attachment to that name, not only to me, but to everybody in my house.
    But I could not enjoy the entertainment channel, 'Kappa', started by Mathrubhumi. Perhaps it is not meant for elderly people like me.
    Thank you for giving details about the channel.

    Gold Member, SPK

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