Three women killed by an elephant at a temple festival

It is reported that three women are killed by an elephant at the venue of a temple festival(Thai pooyam celebration) in Ernakulam district. Elephants are paraded, very often,in large numbers than the capacity of the temple premises where the festival is conducted, which lead to this calamities.

As per a report it is learned that only around 550 elephants are available in Kerala and out of which about 400 are eligible to participate in festivals. In Kerala the number of festivals where elephants are paraded is increasing year after year and also the number of elephants per festival is also increasing.

An estimate gives that there around 4000 festivals a year where elephants are made use of to carry the idol of the deity. From this it becomes clear that the elephants are over working and also they are forced to travel from temple (or other worship centres)to temple.These days not only for religious festivals that elephants are paraded, for other occasions like receiving a VVIP or large processions, etc. are also it has become a practice.
The number of tamed elephants are getting reduced and restrictions do not permit catching elephants from forests. Bringing elephants from other States are also restricted. So in the near future the elephant parades in festivals will be automatically stopped.