Fahadh Faasil Malayalam Actor-Profile and Biography

An autobiography of Fahadh Fazil is given below. Malayalm film industry made victim for reborn of great actors and Fahadh is the one. Fahadh Fazil, an important personality in Malayalam film industry especially in New generation movies. Now he commonly well known as new version of Imran Hasmi of Malayalam film Industry.Its because of the verity of appearance in characters he choosen.

Kaiyethum Doorath the first movie of Fahadh Directed by Fazil,that was his father in 2002.That was a failure at that time he was at the age of 19.After the failure of his film he made far away from film industry. It was over eight years, and he came back to Malayalam film industry through an anthology film Kerala Cafe in 2009.His interviews are coming under hot searches because of the simplicity and his positive approaches over the thoughts as an actor. He always like to be known as an actor more over a star.

Fahad was born on 8th August 1984 in Alappuzha district of Kerala. His father is a well-known director Mr. Fazil. Fahadh's first attempt 'Kaiyethum Doorath' failed miserably and it was directed by his father a well-known director Fazil. And there ends the future of teen aged actor Fahadh but the faith was another one. An anthology movies 'Kerala Cafe' displayed the old face again to theaters. It was a great return than made by other actors like Chakockan. After the failure of 'Kaiyethum Doorath' he replied as 'Please don't blame my father for my failure because it was my mistake and I came into acting without any preparation'. And here comes the hibernation period about 8 years. He spend it in USA for taking Engineering degree . He came back to India in 2009 and return to acting from the Malayalam movie 'Kerala Cafe', it was a portmanteau film conceived by famous director Ranjith. Then onward s Chaappa Kurish in 2011,Akam(2011),22 Female Kottayam(2012) and Diamond Necklace(2012) made theaters houseful.

He played the role of a pimp which commonly rejected by other actors for keeping their social status. That maid to give him the label as Imran Hasmi of Malayalam.But Fahadh revealed that he doesn't like that label and now he making his own mark in Molly wood.

Award he owned for excellence in his carrier are listed here
1. Kerala state film awards for Second best actor in 2011(Akam,Chaappa Kurish)
2. Asia-vision Movie Award for Performer of the year in 2012(22 Female Kottayam)
3. Asianet film Awards for youth icon of the year(22 Female Kottayam,Daimond Kecklace,Friday)
4. Vinitha Film Awards for best actor of the year(22 Female Kottayam,Daimond Kecklace)
'Natholi Oru cheriya meen alla' is his present running film in theaters. In this movie Fahadh came in dual role and it was the first film he came in dual role in his carrier. Character name are Preman and Narendran and the movie was directed by famous Malayalam director V.K Prakash. Kamalinee Mukherjee,Rima Kallingal are co-actors of Fahadh in the movie 'Natholi oru cheriya meen alla'. 'Annayum rasoolum' was his another famous work. It was a love story based movie directed by Rajeev Ravi and his character name was Rasool. Andra Jeremiah is his co-actor in that movie.

'Red Carpet' directed by Senthil and 'Olipporu' by A.V Sasidharan are the upcoming projects. Mamta Mohandas is the co-actress in 'Red Carpet'. 'Red Wine' and 'Immanuel' are his upcoming releasing projects. Red Wine will be on 21th March and Immanuel on 5th April.