Mumbai police – film review

This article reveals some hints and actions of the 2013 action thriller - Mumbai Police on and behind the screen. With a very attractive story and blistering climax, it catches more attraction of the audience.

Mumbai Police is a Malayalam action thriller directed by Roshan Andrews who had complete dedication towards the film and Nisad Haneefa is its producer. Leading roles are done by Prithviraj as Antony Moses I.P.S, Jayasurya as Aryan John Jacob I.P.S and Rahman as Farhan Aman I.P.S while Kunjan and Aparna Nair are performing the supporting roles. Its cinematographer is G.Diwakar. Bobby and Sanjay are its writers and music directed by Gopi Sunder. More than 100 people have made their full efforts to complete the film in one piece by 3rd-may-2013. It is not just an investigation to a crime. It also teaches the power of friendship and happiness. In some parts viewers may be irritated but they have managed to keep a vivid character for each and every role in the entire shots.

REVIEW: Aryan John Jacob was the best friend of Antony Moses I.P.S. Aryan was shot by someone when he went to receive an award from the Governor. This made Antony terrified and violent thus decides to act upon it. Farhan Aman I.P.S and the Police Commissioner also confides for the investigation with Antony. But Rakhi Menon I.P.S (Aparna Nair) was irritated with the decisions made. Antony had solved the crime and when he was to reveal the secrets of the crime and about the culprit of Arya's death to the Police Commissioner, he unfortunately loses his memory in an accident. Farhan tries hard to bring his memory back by digging up all the past of his friend. Antony regains his memory back and hunts the murderer. The Maoists in Andhra Pradesh and the armed forces in Cochin having poor history with Indian police resembles as suspects.

Mumbai Police is interesting as it keeps us guessing throughout with a great twist towards the end. All the aspects that is essential for an action thriller is maintained in the movie. This film started its shooting at Cochin by 19th-January-2012 and was decided to be a Christmas release in 2011 but as Roshan Andrews could not complete the film Casanova's, it ended up as a gossip. Finally it was released on 3rd-may-2013. Some said that the film had copied few parts from Hollywood films. There were more gossips that Mammooty or Tamil actor Surya will be replacing Prithviraj and Arya will be casting the role of A.C.P Aryan John. The story has nothing to do with the title but Roshan Andrews have given an indirect meaning for the title which can be explored by the viewers. After prithvi's ‘Ayalum Njanum Thammil' and ‘Celluloid', he is in a great touch to approach this kind of a role.

It has also given a chance for Prithviraj to prove his talent once again towards his fans that he can do such unique roles that no one in the Malayalam industry would fear to do. Prithvi deserves full applause for his extraordinary acting in Mumbai Police. The director introduced many new faces and had acted upon the likes of all their fans. The critics gave them huge complements for the unique and daring mindset. A member of Times of India says that the bold characters and the arrests that Roshan Andrews showed in this film take more applause of the people. This film has been a major talking point in Malayalam industry these days and is yet to be decided whether it will continue to play or not.