National Teachers' Day, today.

Today, the 5th of September, is celebrated throughout India as the Teachers' Day. It happens to be the Birth Day of One of our great teachers. It is none other than Dr. Sarvappally Radhakrishnan, former President of this Nation.
Let us remember about our teachers on this day and thank them for helping us to reach this present position or present stage of living. Several teachers might have contributed with what they have, but most of us would remember certain names because of several reasons.
At School days, if we look back, we might find a few of them. They ought to have influenced us in our mental and personality development. Similarly for those who had higher education, many more would come in their way. Great will be their contributions. Even after education period several personalities would have influenced us who in some form would have contributed to developing our personality.
Let us remember each one of them and pay our gratitude on this day.