Upcoming Malayalam movies of Naren

In this article,we all know about the famous film actor Naren who is very familiar to us in various Malayalam and Tamil movies. Red Rain,EMSum penkuttiyum,Mazhaneerthullikal,Mumbai Dosth etc...are the upcoming movies of Naren.Read more about him and his upcoming movies.

Naren is an Indian film actor who is familiar to us 4 the people,Achuvinte Amma and Classmates of Malayalam movies and fixed his status as an actor in Malayalam cinema.The upcoming new films of Naren are...
Red Rain
RED RAIN - Debutant Rahul Sadasivan is directing a film based on Red rain that lashed in kerala several years ago.This film is a science fiction and actor Naren plays the role of a young scientist who investigating the reason behind the red rain.Thefilm is produced by Sachin Sadasivan.Tiny Tom,Leona Loshy,Devan,Sari and Vishnu Varier are acting in the film.
EMSum Penkuttiyum
EMS UM PENKUTTIYUM -He has also signed up for EMSum Penkuttiyum, which revolves around the recent political issues and sufferings of Srilankan refugees.Sreenivasan also plays the lead role of comrade.Kaniha performs the roles of nurse and Naren,Thambi Antony,Geetha and Innocent also appearing in important roles.
Mumbai Dosth
MUMBAI DOSTH -Mumbai Dosth is a comedy thriller based on the feelings of friendship.Ananya will play the female lead role inthis film which include Naren Baburaj,Shankar,Mohini,Suraj Venjaranmoodu etc...
MAZHANEERTHULLIKAL - The movie Mazhaneerthullikal is directed by V.K Prakash.Meera Jasmine,Ajmal,Naren,Mythili,Aparna Nair are the casting of this movie.It is based on a novel by K.V Mohan Kumar.