A Tribute to Malayalam Novelist Late Vallachira Madavan

Popular Malayalam Novalist Vallachira Madhavan , who wrote more than 400 novels in Malayalam literature, passed away, after a brief illness here in Vallachira, Trichur in Kerala State in India. He was 79. The writer breathed his last at 3:30 a.m. at his residence in Vallachira, Trichur.

Madhavan , popularly known as Vallachira Madhavan was born on May 17th in 1934. during early 1950's wrote simple romantic, enchanting Novels in Malayalam language , scribbling most in his romantic styles, like other popular writers namely.Muttath varkey, Kanam, Moidu Padiyath . He started writing stories from his school days onwards at CNN Boy's High School. Later while he was in the 6th standard, he wrote his first novel titled as 'ATMA SAKHI ( The Soul mate). Being born for the poor parents, he was unable to complete his secondary school education; hence, he was forced to stop his school studies in the 9th standard itself. Then onwards, he started writing simple romantic novels, which were widely welcomed by the college students and those who are involved in the love affairs. He was the most widely read novelists of those days across Kerala state.

Late Vallachira Madhavan, the popular Malayalam Novalist, who had written many romantic heart throbbing novels was born in the village of Vallachira in Trichur , where he attended the CNN Boy's High school in Cherp, a place adjacent to Irinjalakuda Town. He was 79 when he passed away on 20th October, this year, at his own residence in Vallachira village at 3:30 during early morning hours.

Nurturing Village culture globally

Late Vallachira Madhavan had inspired for his writing since his school days from the cultural and heritages of the small village of Vallachira. He was even particular to insert the name of his village vallachira prior to his name instead of his own family name. He nurtured the village's heart beat which had inspired him a lot.

Vallachira is adorned with serene beauty of nature and with lots of festive movements. People used to celebrate all the festival with lot of enthusiasm. Vallachira is famous for Peedikeparambu Aanayottam (The Elephant Running Show) Chathakudam puram …..they also celebrate Kumbha Bharani, St. Sebastian Perunal.Elephant is an indispensable part in all their festival along with singarimelam (Drum Beat)and Kavadiyattam ( ritualistic dance form which is generally performed by the devotees with ornated kavadies on their head). Famous Vallacherians are Priyanandanan, who won the Indian National Award for the best feature film titled as "Pulijenmam" during year 2008, Others are Ashtamoorthy (Short story writer), Dr. Aravindab Vallachira, Ammannur Narayanan and many others etc. Arattupuzha is the part of vallachira panchayath.Arattupuzha pooram is the world famous, which is being inherited from mother of Thrissur Pooram.Vallachira Panchayath has many cultural clubs, including Yuvajanasamathi,Kiran Kalavedi,

Vallachira is also famous for Gold works and it is the main occupation for lot of youth. The youth here are also active in maintaining traditional art forms which is depicted in "Onagosham", you will be able to see ottamthullal, kummattikali,pulluvanpaattu, villadichan pattu, daff muttu, kolkali…..all under one stage, its really worth watching.