Parumala Perunal 2013

111th Parumala Perunnal is to be held at the Parumala church from 26th October to 2nd November and be part of the week long festive. It is a annual feast to commemorate the death anniversary of Bishop Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, the first canonized saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church of Kerala. Special prayers and colourful procession are organised in these days. Devotees from all over the world come to the church to celebrate for a week festive in Parumala. Pilgrims prefer to get here at the celebration time by walking from all over the Nation . The bishop's house,bed and tomb is specially opened for the devotees. Parumala church is located at Pathanamthitta district near to Tiruvalla. Usually devotees call Bishop Mar Gregorios Metropolitan as 'Parumala Thirumeni'/'Kochu Thirumeni'. Government recognized the parumala as International pilgrim center and they provide many facilities like transportation. Parumala seminary was established by Parumala Thirumeni. It's one of the biggest Syrian Christian relegious school located near parumala. Recently,Jacobites were planning to build up a new church in the name of Mar Gregorios near to this church but the plan didn't work out due to the huge protest by the devotees.