Kerala's fashion trends among boys

New dressing styles and following new fashion were become a trended activity among boys. Seeking for new styles are becoming a common thing for boys. This article is all about the fashion and dressing styles of the Kerala boys.

<H2>Introduction </H2>
Kerala's youths were always go after trends. Going behind fashions will always be something like getting a treasure. Modeling, photography, finding new trends are become a part of daily life for them. Fashion seekers will always love to hear new news about latest dresses and modeling styles. The most common thing happening behind this fashion love is if anyone bring up a new trend then others will also go behind it. Making this opportunity as best many of the textiles used to bring more trendy dresses in the shops to make more customers.

<H2>Trends of Kerala</H2>
On live the most trendy fashion going on is the full sleeve shirt with jeans pants among boys. Folding the full sleeve shirt upto the arm elbow and using low waist pants are now become a trend for youths. Usually the choosen colour for the full sleeve shirt will be either white or dark mixed with white. Using a sun glass along this dressing pattern will give more attractive. Some boys may use white tshirt or text written tshirt instead for full sleeve this will also be a trendy fashion among Kerala boys. In hairs, once most of them followed spike but that trend is now become very rare but many of them going behind combing hair backwards. Using this stylish dressing pattern roaming out of the home with a bike also become a trend. This trendy dressing will not always become an attractive thing for most of them however even though it is most of them goes behind it.

<H2>Fashion on social network</H2>
Usually youths never like to fed up with their fashion in their community only but they focus to spread their styles in others also. For that most of them use facebook to get more responses about their styles so creating a fashion page and spreading their stylish photos also become a trendy activity among the boys. Such fashion pages were fast growing and making thousands of fans in one or two posts itself. Modeling and photography has a big role among boys to get more attention. Photography also led to photoshops which makes the modeling pictures more attracting. Some may even waste their time for this only which makes the youths to forgets about their valuable time. Finding new trends were always good for to get more attention among people but with that destroying Kerala's is only the greatest disadvantage behind this trend following.

Going behind the trends will always be part of the youths age. But wasting time only for that will be a good thing. Some of them goes in the fashion designing field because of this crazy fashion love. With that career in fashion designing also become a trended one for boys to choose. I never tells that fashion designing is a bad career or not but they need to care about their life. Still now new trends were coming in front of the youths to make more attractive. Dressing properly and following Kerala's culture is also an important thing. Thank you all.