Why issues such as Solar happen in Kerala?

The Solar issue has happened in the state due to many reasons. The some of the likely reasons are enumerated below.

1. The ignorance or susceptibility of average citizens.
2. The use of political patronage,recommendations,to make the deal look genuine.
3. The extra decent and persuasive interaction of the culprits with the customers to generate interest in the minds of the customers.
4. The callous attitude of customers while selecting the deal. Ideally, the antecedents of the people coming with various business proposals has to be checked in advance to arrive at a decision.
5. The moral bankruptcy of the bureaucracy in playing to the tune of the culprits on acceptance of cash reward from them. In many cases, the connivance of officials help the culprits to erase the trail of dubious transactions.
6. The long delay in the solving of cases that are with the honorable high court. Usually, the civil cases take years to get solved and the convict sentenced.
7. The chances for the people who are charged with crime to apply for the anticipatory bail. This enables the people to move the court in advance and get bail from there on production of bail amount.

If you are a law abiding citizen, please take necessary steps to avoid these potholes and educate the people around you so that they don't get victimized. If you have more likely causes, please feel free to share with others so that things like this don't happen again.