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    Nostalgia about the childhood in kerala villages.

    I am staying in chennai. Married and settled and will visit kerala twice in an year. But maintaining and following all tradition of kerala. Then also while thinking about those days I can realize those days never will get. Those memories are defenitely will give a relief for the mental tension In the fast tension ful days. Anybody agreeing ?
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    No doubt that once you sit back and return ones mind to those good old days it becomes really nostalgic. One cannot forget those days.My mind always recollects those days in summer, when the school is closed for summer vacation. Those summer periods are days of getting mangoes, jack fruits and cashew apples. We children go around in the noon and after noon to fetch these fruits. Of course jack fruits could not be fetched by children , the help of elders were needed for it. But climbing mango tree and eating ripe fruits sitting on the tree branches were really interesting.
    Cashew fruits were tasty but it was more interesting to break the cashew nuts after frying it in fire and breaking. Equally it was interesting playing hide and seek among the woods.
    After all these we used to jump into the pond inside the house compound and swim. Until the darkness falls we used to spend in the ponds.

    Missing all those days when I am staying in this city, and of course due to the old age also!

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Sir, you are correct. At the time of mango season morning itself it is a regular practice to collect mangos. Works will be alloted to each members of the family.If one is having the duty to collect mangos another should to bring milk from nearby house,and another will be having the duty of collecting cashew. Jack fruit ripening in the tree can be identified by smell. Mostly our cow will recognise faster than us.

    At the time of end of cashew season my grandfather will give permission to collect the cashew to his grand ahildren and itis there rights to keep the money with them.. At that time the price of the cashew in market will be very low because rain already started. With that money we will make pocket money and purchase books and all at the time of opening of school.

    In the rainy season we will fry the cashew in oven the smell also will create water in mouth. Every thing I missed today.

    With Best Regards,

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