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    Woman need more sleep than gents.

    Recent studies revealed that woman need more sleep than a male. At leat 20 minutes extra she has to sleep than man.Do you agree? Discuss.
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    You would have cited the related studies also. However, in our system what we find is that very often women get very early in the morning go to sleep late in the night. Mainly because of the household works they are forced to do so.
    Man at the same time go to sleep after the supper and gets up only when the bed tea is ready. Of course, there may be exceptions.

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    In my opinion, its not important for females to sleep more than males. Time needed to sleep depends upon so many factors. It can be their body nature that they should sleep upto 8 or 9 hours. Some have the tendancy to wake up early even though they have slept late. In general a human being should sleep a minimum of 6 hours. Its range can be changed depending upon many factors.

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