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    New year wishes to all the spider Kerala members

    Advance new year wishes to all spider Kerala members. After a long time i will back to spider Kerala to share some thing very special.Coming soon.
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    Let this new year be the best year of your life and wish every members of SpiderKerala a big Happy New Year. Changes are needed for everyone. So bring useful changes in yourself and lead a happy life ahead.

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    Yes, another new year has come and every one is busy wishing 'happy new year'. But how many will actually be happy? This State contain people who do not have even the minimum requirements in their life. Their number may be around twenty percent of the total population, that is about sixty lakh.
    Only about ten percent enjoy the life here with all benefits. Those falling in the middle just manage, some trying their best to join the top list, while others automatically fall into the lowest group.

    Gold Member, SPK

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