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    Have you ever suffered the travelling problems as a student.

    Problems between students and the bus workers are not a new thing in our state. Regarding that lots accidents and problems happened in our State. Because of this bus operators are cancelling the services to certain routes. Suddenly they will declare strikes. When I was a student I and my friends faced this problem. In our route to college and school government bus service is only very less. So we have to depend upon private buses. If students are waiting for bus they won't stop the bus. Some buses will take only two or three students. If bus is stopping for a long time they will ask the students to wait for some time until the bus start to move. Then students have to wait near the door of the bus for long time. Some bus drivers or conductors make the students to wait for long time and suddenly take the buses. At this time many accidents are happening. Students are not allowed to sit on the seats. The complaints of the bus operators are such that if they allowed the students to get in to the bus the service will be loss. Because some students will sit on the seats and because of this they will not get the full ticket passenger. So the trip will be a loss. The attitude and behavior of the bus operators also have to change.
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    The problem faced by student for their transportation in buses is a common issue. I have also faced this problem many times. The concession offered for all the students are not at all pleasing the private bus workers. They usually would not stop the bus if there are only students waiting in the bus stop. This misbehavior have to be noticed and proper punishments should be given.

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    Though I have not experienced this problem during my school days or college days, I have seen several of my friends running after the buses for getting into it. During those days only very limited number of buses were on road (remember I studied during 1955 - 1966).I had the opportunity to stay almost near schools or colleges. But my friends used to talk about their difficulties in catching buses. They reach the bus stops sufficiently early so that even if one bus was missed they expected the next buses to pick them.

    In bus stops near schools here in Cochin, I notice police people are posted to stop the buses and allow the students to get in. Of course, all students will not be allowed to enter same bus but they divide them and share among buses. Such system has been found be useful.

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