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    Erring drivers add to the Government treasury.

    Motor vehicles are increasing on the roads in Kerala day by day. In Kerala on an average within a square kilometer area 5.17 km road is available. The rate for the nation is just one km road for the same area.About six lakh vehicles are introduced onto the Kerala roads every year. For every thousand persons 230 vehicles are there in Kerala. Indian estimate is only 22 vehicles for thousand.

    Together with the increase in vehicles the drivers are loosing road sense and discipline. This is clear from the data reported by the Transport department and Police. In 2013 within Ernakulam district alone cases were registered against 30,511 vehicles and which earned an amount of Rs.5.23 crores as fine. Driving licences of 21,000 persons were suspended for driving after consuming liquor.
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    Yes, you are right erring drivers are really enriching government when they commit an offence. I do not think the government should limit her duites to erring drivers but to control the rate at which the roads are been used by both the drivers and the pedestrians.
    However, this is a source of internal revenue to the government pulse. The monies should be used to develop the kerala state road networks.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    As said in an advertisement "streets are filled with idiots". No one follows the traffic rules properly. Many of them drive after having liquor, some doesn't wear seat belts, some drive while they are on call. Now checking is somewhat strict but not fully able to eradicate such Erring drivers.

    The drawback of Kerala comparing other gulf countries is that the traffic rules in gulf countries are strictly followed and a huge amount is penalized. There are strong radar system everywhere to capture for over speed. A maximum of of 120 km/h is allowed in gulf countries as their roads are well constructed and a maximum of 60 km/h in Kerala. But people used to drive with a minimum speed of 60 km/h. How wonder this much accidents happen. There are lots more to improve in roads and hope government will take some responsibility on this as corruption is a curse of Kerala.

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