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    Now more kilometers can be covered in an hour.

    Government has announced that the speed of vehicles in State and National highways can be more than the present 70 km/hr. In Highways with four lane traffic one can take speed up to 90 km/hr. In other highways it will be 80 km/hr. This is an appropriate decision. Paying a high amount as toll and allowing to travel like a snail is the present condition. This is a better decision. However one must be careful about accidents and the authorities must insist on using the lanes properly.
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    I can presume that road conditions are improved. Accidents are reduced. Good going Transport Department!

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    70 km/hr is too slow for the people in present situation. All the developed countries can travel up to 120 km/hr. This is a clear indication that other countries are running way more faster than us. This is why we are now also in developing stage. This change will be very helpful for the people as they can save lot of time.

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