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    Experience of teaching after a long gap

    Yesterday and today I had to teach a batch of students. They were all research scholars working for their Ph.D. Their subjects were not all the same. There were specialists in Marine Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, atmospheric sciences, fisheries, algology, etc. All these scholars have a common problem. Studying Statistics for the analysis of their data. Of course the analysis is to be done using the Software 'R' (Open Software). So before studying that they are being taught the basics of Statistics by me.Perhaps one or more days may be needed to complete it.
    For me it is in a way rejuvenating, since I have not been doing this subject teaching for the last ten or more years. I felt happy because even without referring books I could teach the topics recollecting from my memory. Of course, physically I felt tired after handling the class for more than three and half hours in a stretch (of course with two breaks).
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    To become a teacher is easy but to become a true teacher whom students will love to be with is a difficult task. In my entire school life i have experienced many great teachers who really struck me. I will always remember the advices and knowledge that they shared with me. For some, teaching is a passion and will sacrifice their needs for their students.

    I know that T.M.Sankaran sir have great experience in teaching field. I also love to take teaching as my profession. So it will be helpful if you could share some tips or advice.

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    Thank you Cijo. I was a teacher and loved to be one. After completing my Masters in Statistics, I was advised by my well-wishers to appear for Civil Service Examinations,since some of my friends who stayed with me in the Hostel were preparing for IAS examinations. I told them I prefer academic line than administrative one. Even I did not appear for the ISS (Indian Statistical Service) examinations, which was introduced during those periods.
    I waited for a vacancy of a teacher in the University ( I did not want to join a college where I might have to teach Pre-degree and undergraduate students)and when I got one I joined happily. This was the beginning of my career. Now looking back I could work in Cochin University and Kerala Agri. University and retire after having taught hundreds of PG and Professional students.

    A good teacher should know the subject himself and must be in a position to clear all doubts of the students. Secondly love the students and make them feel free to approach you.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you sir for your valuable advice as this will be very much beneficial for students like me.

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