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    Milk shortage in Kerala

    As summer around the corner,almost all districts of Kerala is facing acute shortage of Milk with demand supply gap is more than 1 lac litre a day.
    The reason for current shortage is dwindling procurement from other states. After the spread of Foot and Mouth disease,all states have seen a fall in production of Milk.
    Why Govt is not able to resolve the issues of small diary farmers?
    Why Milma is procuring milk from other states?
    Why we are not able to control the cattle diseases?
    The shortage will cause adulteration ,risk to health.
    I presume, there is no clear vision and long-term plan to mitigate the issue.
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    Milk shortage in Kerala is very often a created one. Certainly our milk production is below the requirement. Milma is the official agency handling the milk problem of the State. But it is mis-management is one problem which affect the production and distribution of milk. The quality of milk also has gone down very much.

    Milma is supplying milk without any fat. They add milk powder to make it strong. They increase the price very often in the name of farmers. Once they increase the price the private agencies also reciprocate it.

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    The milk production of our state is decreasing day by day. This is not the fault of the farmers. Demand for milk has rose to about 1lack litre per day as mentioned. It is difficult for the current producers to increase production with the rising demand.

    More and more farmers should come forward and better facilities should be given for the cattles to survive and become fit for milk production. Government should provide some help for such cattle farmers. Free check ups of the cattle should be implemented as farmers can't afford those things during there business. It is a shame that till now also we depend on other states for our daily bread. So government should do something regarding this. Hoping for the best.

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